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February 2018


I am currently working on an educational game to help little kids learn the alphabet. It is a side scroller game and a puzzle game at the same time. Kids will enter a school from the street and arrive in a main hall where they can choose a door for each letter of the alphabet. These doors will all lead to a room with a unique theme and a variety of objects and the user will have to collect the objects that start with the letter. When they are done, they can return to the main hall. There they can enter a new room.

Bellow are some screen shots of the game which is still in its early stages.

Alphabet Game Intro


letter A Game

letter A Game

January 2018

Finally got some time to make some samples. Below is an automatic scroller. This system could be used as a simple gallery.

Example #1

I used a simple code with setInterval() to move the text and images in the divs. These are in the UI

Example #2

I made a small example for a friend who wanted to use a custom scrollbar. I had previously used my own css and it was workking great on webkit browsers but not on firefox. So I decided to try slimscroll and it works quite well.

You can find the documentation and examples here.

October 2017

There is not much going on on the Edge Amimate forum. Some questions pop-up from time to time and I answer them.

I have been very busy at work and otherwise. I have not had time to make new tutorials but I am planning on making one for EA about JQUERY sortable that might help some users.

On another front, I have discovered a new software that is very promissing. It is call Saola Animate. It is HTML5 amd looks a lot like Edge animate. It does not support everything yet, but there is a major update coming early next year. So I will keep an eye on it and keep you updated.

In the mean time you can find them here.


March 2017

Construct 2 training continues.

Learning a new software takes time but I am getting there and enjoying it a lot! I am adding some little examples made while going through tutorials. These are just very basic example but I will post more advance games in the near future. Again many thanks to John for his tutorials.

Check these below on the kids page!

February 1, 2017

It has been a long ride trying to learn Construct 2. It is a very different type of game platform add getting up to speed takes some concentration and time. It seems that now that I am getting comfortable with it, it will become easier and easier to accomplish what I want in a game. I am posting a simple one today in the Kids Educational Games section.

I want to thank the Udemy's tutorial authors whose great courses allowed me to progress in C2:

  1. Jeremy alexander
  2. John Bura
  3. Greg Pug
  4. Roland Zelhof

Udemy is a pretty cool place to learn a lot of stuff and it is not too expensive, especially if you pick up a sale!

On the Edge Animate side, things have been rocky for the Mac users who decided to upgrade to Sierra because Edge Animate refuses to work in this new environment. Unfortunately, it seems that Adobe does not want to do anything about the situation, so Mac users are in a bad spot.

As a windows user, I still can use Edge Animate and still mornitor the forum, but I think that C2 will now be my main platform.

Next, I intend to learn Unity 2D/3D and this should be another wild ride for me! Learning something new is always a challenge but is also a lot of fun.

October 12, 2016

I just added the Kids Educational Games page.

I will add more games on a regular basis. You can see that I will cover the elementary grades in all subjects. Of course this takes time because I want the games to be fun but also convey information, skills to learn, and concepts.

Nothing is very complicated but each piece includes a number of different features that can be done with Edge Animate. Should be fun for me as much as for the kids! I have several grand-children I want to help them but also any other kid that comes here for a visit.

Also, I am learning and experimenting with Construct 2. The game about the five senses was my first attempt. It needs some updates and I will tend to it after I learn more about the way to program in that platform. I am following the best tutorials for Construct 2 by Jeremy Alexander on Udemy. He is a very talended programmer in his twenties and a gifted teacher. Knowledge is not an easy thing to impart to others but Jeremy does an extremily good job. Look him up on Facebook or on Udemy!

So bring your kids or grand-kids here and let them experience learning in a fun way!

October 2016

Educational Games and Edge Animate are fun!

As you have noticed, if you looked at the Edge Animate samples for September and October (I will add more as the month goes along), these are geared for lower grade levels. There are simple but they are fun. There are little animations per-se in them, but I will have some more involved in the near future.

I have to admit, in these samples, I am trying to cater to my own grand-children who are starting school for the first time and I want to be ready for them and help them in their learning.

This is no to say that I use Edge Animate only for these grades. My regular job, as you may know, is in education and I use EA for all grades including high school, and all subjects. So, there are lots of features and capabilities avaible in EA that I use daily.

As far as I know, EA is still working as intended and the best tool for HTML5 though some are interesting as well like Hype and Construct 2. Of course there are lots of libraries available for HTML5 that help produce great stuff, one of my favorites being GreenSock. Greensock, like other libraries, can be used in EA as well. So the sky is the limit!

PS: I am still involved with the EA forum thoug there is not a lot of activity there. Help us to promote EA by voting there to show our support for the product.

September 2016

Long time no see!

Edge Animate is still my tool of choice for HTML5 interactive design. As you know I work in education and I produce a lot of small 'games' to enhance students education from 3rd grade to 12 grade in all subjects. These come along with educational videos and reinforce concepts or present specific knowledge.

In education we have to follow certain requirements. We need to have music background, soundFX, titles and interaction that facilitate learning.

Below is an example of what could be integrated into a 3rd grade math course.

As all our games, this composition includes the following:

Below is an example. You can also check out examples by clciking on the edge animate tab.

March 2016

As I work in education, one of the things that interests me is to try software that allows me to do something different. I have been using Edge Animate for several years and it has really been a great development tool for HTML5. I really love it. As it became evident that Edge Animate development was over, I decided to start looking for additional software to develop educational material.

As I was perusing the web, I came across several interesting software that deal with HTML5

November 2015

Adobe Edge Animate's development is over. However there will still be fixes for major bugs. I am continuing to support the Edge Animate Forum and answer questions on a regular basis just as Joel from Pau, France. Edge Animate is still a valuable tool for web interactivity and banner adds.

As the end of 2015 approaches, I am still busy with Adobe Edge Animate projects. For those interested, besides being an MVP, I am now officially part of the Adobe Community Professional Program (ACP). What a privilege and honor. Thanks Adobe!


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